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What is Scientific Score and How Can it Help with R&D Procurement?

You need a new phone case on short notice. It’s no problem, because you know your favorite online retailer offers multiple brands at different price points, including reviews, product descriptions, and detailed specs. One-stop shopping at its best.

However, let’s say your research lab quickly needs an immunoassay that is out-0of stock with your regular supplier. Now you get stressed, since your current process makes it difficult to adapt quickly. First you must comb through PunchOut catalogs from multiple suppliers for an alternative. Or you might need to take a risk on a new vendor altogether, which procurement will then need to set up for you. Regardless, you need to do your own thorough product comparison. Do the specs match? Do other scientists use (and like) it? What is the validation data? Is it reasonably priced? Is it available? And you have to figure all of this out in addition to your other work.

But what if procuring lab products was as easy as buying a phone case?

eCommerce marketplace ZAGENO makes that possible. Recognizing the power of peer-to-peer based product ratings, ZAGENO saw an unmet need to create a rating system developed specifically for evaluating life sciences and biopharma research products.

The result is “The Scientific Score”, a feature only available through ZAGENO, which provides comprehensive, unbiased product ratings that appear as a singular score from 0-10. These ratings are available for millions of SKUs from thousands of suppliers, eliminating the need for multiple PunchOut catalogs.

The Scientific Score brings together insights from research scientists, along with data from suppliers such as specifications, resources, and product citations in the form of published methods or validations and behavior analytics from our marketplace.


Machine-learning algorithms incorporate metric data from scientists, suppliers, and the ZAGENO marketplace to determine a relative score for each product. 



Scientific Score saves scientists hours each week.

  • Easily search millions of SKUS from thousands of vendors via one marketplace. Each Scientific Score rating provides unbiased, current product feedback to help with purchasing decisions.
  • Access peer-reviewed data. Publications found in the ‘Resources’ section of a product page influence the Scientific Score, such as where the product has been used in relevant studies, links to publications which cite products on ZAGENO, and relevant antibody validations.
  • Learn about real-life product usage and performance. Using ZAGENO purchase order information, the Scientific Score factors in a product’s commercial success (purchases and re-purchases), brand performance (product purchases across the brand), and user behavior (customers’ interaction with the product).

Scientific Score helps procurement ensure that the lab is making informed purchasing decisions.

  • Decreased requests from the lab to “add” suppliers to the approved purchasing list, as millions of SKUs are available on ZAGENO, relatively ranked according to Scientific Score.
  • Vetted alternates to out-of-stock or hard-to-find supplies are easily searchable, competitively priced, and updated with real-time availability.
  • Long-tail spend is reduced, increasing leverage with a smaller group of suppliers.

So, the next time the lab needs to make a purchase, ZAGENO’s goal is to make the experience as intuitive and simple as purchasing something on Amazon. Harness the power of Scientific Score to spend less time and money ordering supplies and more time on the bench.

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