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PCR - Cloning

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Find everything from trusted leading brands for PCR, cloning, and expression experiments. Shop from a wide variety of high-quality reagents, enzymes, vectors, and expression systems. Selections are tailored to facilitate efficient polymerase chain reaction (PCR), molecular cloning, and gene expression processes, empowering precise and reliable molecular biology experiment results.

PCR - Cloning
Cloning and Expression Vectors
Access diverse cloning and expression vectors, including competent cells, DNA & RNA, libraries, molecular cloning, ORF clones and clone collections, and plasmid vectors.
PCR - Cloning
CRISPR Kits and Reagents
Discover a wide selection of CRISPR kits and reagents for gene editing and expression, including CRISPR-Cas9 systems, guide RNAs, and other essential components for precise genome engineering.
PCR - Cloning
Gene Editing and Expression
Explore innovative gene editing and expression technologies, including gene editing kits, expression systems, and gene transfer reagents, for manipulating and analyzing gene expression in your research.
PCR - Cloning
Genotyping Kits
Find high-quality genotyping kits for accurate and efficient genotyping analysis, including expression assays, gene modification and silencing tools, lentiviral particles, RNA interference products, and other genotyping reagents.
PCR - Cloning
Microarrays and Hybridization Assays
Access advanced microarray and hybridization assays for gene expression analysis, including microarray platforms, hybridization reagents, and detection systems for high-throughput gene expression profiling.
PCR - Cloning
PCR Kits and Reagents
Discover a comprehensive range of PCR kits and reagents, including cDNA synthesis kits, end-point PCR kits, primers, real-time PCR kits, and other essential components for PCR amplification and gene expression analysis.
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