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antibodies immunoassays

The Widest Range of Antibodies and Immunoassays

ZAGENO's marketplace offers an unparalleled selection of antibodies and immunoassays from top brands. Shop from a comprehensive range of high-quality antibodies targeting diverse antigens and a versatile selection of immunoassay platforms and customizable reagents to efficiently and accurately detect and quantify specific biomolecules in various samples.

antibodies immunoassays
Immunoassay Kits
Take your research to new heights with leading immunoassay kits, including ELISA, CLIA, and RIA kits, designed to detect and quantify target molecules in various biological samples, facilitating precise analysis and research for diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences.
antibodies immunoassays
Antibody Kits
Choose from a comprehensive range of antibody kits featuring antibody pairs and panels, ensuring high specificity and sensitivity for precise research and diagnostic applications.
antibodies immunoassays
Access a wide variety of primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, and isotype controls for reliable detection across diverse techniques such as immunohistochemistry, western blotting, flow cytometry, and ELISA.
antibodies immunoassays
Immunoprecipitation Kits
Discover top-quality immunoprecipitation kits and antibody conjugates featuring secondary antibodies expertly conjugated with enzymes or fluorophores for enhanced detection and analysis.
Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ELISA plate
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ZAGENO offers a vast selection of antibody and immunoassay SKUs from trusted and emerging brands, essential for your experiments. Our user-friendly platform simplifies product discovery and ordering, ensuring alignment with your specifications. Scientists trust us for high-quality, readily available products tailored to their needs, while our cost-effective, automated purchasing solutions empower informed decision-making and support scientific progress for procurement and finance teams.

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At ZAGENO, we recognize the importance of maximizing your lab time. Our platform is expertly crafted to simplify your search for antibodies and immunoassays, minimizing the time spent sourcing. Bid farewell to toggling between tabs – our product pages offer comprehensive details, pricing, packaging options, and availability, empowering efficient decision-making. Spend less time searching and more time on valuable bench work with our streamlined platform.

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