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Why Partner with ZAGENO?

Get ALL Your Products in Front of Consumers

Boost Profitability of Niche and Best-selling Products

ZAGENO can make your less-popular life science products profitable by enabling you to sell them without any upfront sales and marketing investment.

Plus, there's the added opportunity for scientists to discover your more popular SKUs as they start to develop a relationship with your brand.

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Reach Thousands of NEW Customers

End-to-End Automation with ZAGENO Integration

  • Automated order inflow and outflow
  • Simplified catalog and customer pricing updates
  • Automated invoice management
  • Direct access to new customers to nurture, cross-sell, and up-sell
automated order processes

Experience Fully Automated Order Inflow and Outflow

  • ZAGENO transmits orders directly into your systems, without the need for manual effort, using OCI or cXML.
  • Transmit order and status updates automatically from your system to ZAGENO.
  • ZAGENO handles all customer queries and requests on your behalf.
  • ZAGENO pays you - leaving you only one  customer to handle when it comes to invoicing.
Real-Time Pricing Updates

Automated Catalog and Price Updates

  • ZAGENO implements your full product portfolio into our marketplace using product data exchange via hosted catalog files.
  • Continuously update list price, customer price, and product availability status via cXML, OCI, or EDI. 
  • ZAGENO ensures that updated prices are immediately available to customers.
Simplified, Automated Invoice Management

Consolidated Invoicing and Payment

  • Fully automated invoicing via cXML between ZAGENO and your ERP system.
  • Simultaneous PDF invoicing ensures consistency with your branding.
  • Customers choose whether to pay ZAGENO directly or pay you directly.

How to Partner with ZAGENO

Available on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, ZAGENO makes biotech and pharma lab supply purchasing easier than ever, serving as the ideal sales channel.

Partnering with ZAGENO is quick and easy. Gain access to thousands of potential customers in a few simple steps:

  1. Schedule a call with our supplier team
  2. Agree on commercial terms
  3. Integrate with ZAGENO's ordering processes
  4. Upload your catalog and start selling your products on ZAGENO

How ZAGENO Fuels Supplier Growth

Suppliers Already Working with Us

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