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Find essential assay, labeling, and staining products right at your fingertips. Our marketplace suppliers offer a wide array of high-quality reagents, labels, and stains tailored to meet the diverse needs of laboratory assays and experiments, ensuring accurate and reliable results across various applications.

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Discover a wide selection of assay kits and reagents designed to facilitate various biochemical assays, cell health assays, cell signaling assays, enzymatic activity assays, pathogen and toxin assays, and quantification assays. From assessing cell viability and proliferation to analyzing gene expression and protein activity, our assay kits and reagents provide reliable solutions for various research applications.
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Access cutting-edge labeling systems and probes for precise labeling and visualization of biomolecules in various research applications, including fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and immunohistochemistry (IHC).
Staining Solutions and Dyes
Explore high-quality staining solutions and dyes for accurate and reliable visualization of biological specimens in histology, pathology, and other laboratory procedures.
Cell viability assay using the white 96 well microplate and muti-channel pipette
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ZAGENO offers the widest selection of assay, labeling, and staining products from leading and emerging brands, ensuring you can find the right product in the right size, from the right brand, and with the correct specifications. Experience the most consumer-friendly lab supply ordering process, enhanced by AI and machine learning capabilities that improve search results and continually enhance user satisfaction.

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We understand that your research demands the best products available. That’s why ZAGENO provides a seamless ordering experience, offering detailed product information, pricing, packaging, and availability on each product page and automated order and delivery tracking and notifications. Our platform streamlines the product selection process, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

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