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Optimize experimentation conditions and research outcomes with a comprehensive array of lab tools and equipment from the ZAGENO lab supply marketplace. Find everything from animal handling and weighing solutions to benchtop equipment, centrifugation, cold storage, electrical components, incubators, lab furniture, and precision pumps.

Lab Equipment & Tools
Animal Supplies
Ensure the well-being of your laboratory animals while enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of your studies with animal handling equipment, housing solutions, identification and marking tools, and more.
Lab Equipment & Tools
Balances, Scales, and Accessories
Enhance your weighing capabilities with our precision balances, scales, and a variety of accessories, including calibration weights, anti-vibration tables, and weighing papers. 
Lab Equipment & Tools
Benchtop Equipment
Optimize your laboratory setup with our diverse array of benchtop equipment, ranging from cell culture devices and evaporators to hotplates, meters, shakers, vortexers, tubings, fittings and more.
Lab Equipment & Tools
Maximize your centrifugation capabilities with our selection of centrifuges, parts, and accessories, ensuring efficient sample processing and reliable results.
Lab Equipment & Tools
Cold Storage and Packaging
Preserve the integrity of your valuable samples with our cold storage solutions and packaging supplies, designed to maintain optimal conditions during storage and transport.
Lab Equipment & Tools
Electrical Equipment and Supplies
Power up your lab with our wide variety of cables, connectors, power strips, and other essential components, ensuring reliable operation and safety in your laboratory environment.
Lab Equipment & Tools
Incubators, Ovens, and Water Baths
Create the perfect environment for your experiments with incubators, ovens, and water baths designed to provide precise temperature control and optimal conditions for your samples and cultures.
Lab Equipment & Tools
Lab Furniture
Enhance your workspace’s efficiency, organization, and comfort with our selection of functional and durable lab furniture, including benches, cabinets, shelves, ergonomic seating solutions, and more.
Lab Equipment & Tools
Streamline your lab processes with our range of precision pumps, designed for accurate fluid handling and reliable performance in a variety of applications.

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