Single creditor

Cut Down on Administrative Tasks With A Single Lab Supplier of Record

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The Easiest Way to Order Lab Supplies

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Single Supplier of Record, Unlimited Products and Brands
Purchase from over 40 million products and 5,300 global brands, with ZAGENO as the single supplier of record. Our top-rated customer support is here to help you along the way.
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Flexible Invoicing Saves Time and Money
Eliminate the manual touchpoints that cost time and money with our flexible invoicing options. Choose from consolidated or order-based billing with unified payment terms and one payment method,  seamlessly integrated with your accounting, ERP, and P2P systems.
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Simplified Accounting, Reporting, and Audits
Simplify accounting and reporting with ZAGENO as your single supplier of record while enjoying detailed, real-time visibility into lab supply spend categories, brands, products, and more.

ZAGENO’s Single Creditor Model Provides Time Savings of Over 30% for Finance and Procurement Teams

Efficiency without sacrifice

Experience the Convenience of a Single Creditor Model for Lab Supply Shopping

ZAGENO lab supply marketplace is built to balance scientific supplier ordering choices with supplier consolidation.

Multi-supplier ordering

Experience the flexibility of the most consumer-friendly lab supply ordering process available under just one bill-to.

supplier consolidation
Achieve efficiency gains, cost savings, and improved risk management of supplier consolidation without impacting innovation.
From many, one
With ZAGENO as your single supplier of record, your ongoing supplier management gets much easier.
Enhanced automation
ZAGENO seamlessly integrates with your existing processes, controls, and systems.

ZAGENO Reduces Invoice Management from 12 Hours to Under 30 Minutes per Week, on Average

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The power of simplicity

One Creditor Means Easier Accounting and Reporting

With ZAGENO as your single creditor of record, accounting, reporting, and audits become more straightforward.

Automated financial reporting
Easily integrate ZAGENO with your accounting system, such as Quickbooks, for automated, accurate financial reporting that forms a complete, real-time picture.
Standardized processes
Experience easier account reconciliation and enhanced financial reporting accuracy with standardized invoicing processes and unified payment terms.
Simplified transactions
Enjoy fewer transactions to track, reconcile, and report on with a single supplier of record.
A full audit log and unlimited document storage ensure you always have access to accurate information.

MOre efficient accounting

Simplify Your Accounting Processes with ONE Bill-To

Unify your financial workflows and processes with the convenience of a single creditor. Contact us to review how our model saves you time and money, which you can reinvest in what matters most: research.