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Our Mission

We’re all about those exhilarating eureka moments when research scientists achieve triumphant breakthroughs. These successes are made possible when the right factors converge — a well-equipped lab, efficient time management with less time spent managing supplies, and more time at the lab bench. Creating this environment is at the heart of ZAGENO. As the leading life sciences marketplace, we are meticulously designed to simplify the process of providing research scientists exactly what they need, exactly when they need it.

Our Vision

“Life science has reached an inflection point. For its mission of scientific discovery to succeed and lead to improved health, a confluence of forces must align. ZAGENO was founded on the shared vision that digital aggregation of life science is tied to its long-term potential. Today, our marketplace reduces administrative burden, empowering research scientists to achieve what we call ‘eureka moments.’ We’ve built ZAGENO to serve as the industry’s single source for life science offerings and a springboard for ideas.”

The team

Our Leadership

Florian Wegener

Florian Wegener

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Headshot of David Pumberger

David Pumberger

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Founder

Photo of Sandeep Aji

Sandeep Aji

Chief Technology Officer

Photo of Nick Proch

Nick Proch

Vice President of Sales

Photo of Kostas Sereleas

Kostas Sereleas

Chief Operating Officer

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Our Management


Devan Chandler

Director, Customer Support Operations

Photo of Lyudmil Daskalov

Lyudmil Daskalov

Vice President, Operations

Photo of Laetitia d'Ursel

Laetitia d’Ursel

Vice President of Marketing

Photo of Robert Fortin

Robert Fortin

Senior Director, Global Supplier Partnerships

Photo of Colleen Goffe

Colleen Goffe

Senior Director, People Operations

Photo of Rick Genett

Rick Genett

Vice President, Product Management

Photo of Jordan McVeigh

Jordan McVeigh

Senior Director of Engineering

Photo of Louis Olson

Louis Olson

Vice President of Product

Headshot photo of James Polmonari

James Polmonari

Director of Customer Success

Photo of Surabhi Singh

Surabhi Singh

Director of DevOps

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Our Investors

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We’re Located in the US and Europe

Three locations, plus a remote team all over the globe


With over 40 million product SKUs available from more than 5,300 leading brands, ZAGENO offers the largest life sciences lab supply marketplace. Our one-stop shop solution helps scientists, lab managers, and procurement leaders compare products across vendors, easily source product alternatives, track deliveries, and communicate order status with R&D teams in real time. ZAGENO makes online shopping for any research material convenient, efficient, and reliable.