Spend analytics

Visibility and Control Over Every Lab Supply Purchase

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Data Integrity for Strategic, Budget-Informed Decisions

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Real-Time Spend Reporting
Gain comprehensive visibility into your lab supply spending with real-time reporting, ensuring transparency and enhancing collaboration.
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Cost Analysis
Make data-driven decisions that optimize your lab's financial strategy and drive growth through efficient resource allocation with insights from spending patterns, trends, and more.
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Budget Control
Monitor spending and budget utilization in real-time and set flexible budgets monthly, quarterly, or annual to avoid overspending and maintain financial stability.
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Seamless Integration
Easily download reports into popular formats, such as XLS, CSV, PDF, JPG, and PNG, for comprehensive data analysis and easy sharing across departments for a holistic view of your lab's financial landscape.
hrs/week saved
The average amount of time Scientists save by using ZAGENO.
The average amount of time Procurement saves by Procurement using ZAGENO.
Lab Manager
The average amount of time Lab Managers save by using ZAGENO.

The average amount of time Finance teams save by using ZAGENO.

Budget analysis insights
Spend data as competitive advantage

Superior Data Analysis and Budget Utilization Insights

Access critical tools and features for informed decision-making that optimizes resources and capital efficiency and considers current company liabilities.

Metrics and filters

Filter each metric by timeframe, user, user types, categories, location, cost center, product types, products, project codes, supplier brands, etc.

Custom views
Quickly and easily modify dashboard focus to prioritize chosen data points. Organize analytics by week, month, quarter, annually, or year-over-year.
Budget utilization
Gauge and forecast experiment budget utilization with accuracy and confidence.
Consolidated order history
Swiftly assess lab supply ordering history, organization-wide, to better anticipate future needs.
The complete picture matters

Simplified Financial Management and Compliance

Enhance efficiency and strategic decision-making with integrated tools for automated financial reporting, real-time supplier management, operational cost reduction, and spending analysis.

Automated financial reporting
Easily integrate ZAGENO with your accounting system, such as Quickbooks, for automated, accurate financial reporting that forms a complete, real-time picture.
Strategic supplier management
Leverage buying power and manage relationships with real-time, company-wide spend data by supplier.
Operational cost savings
Reduce labor costs from manual data gathering and validation and redirect focus to strategic activities.
Category spend analysis
Facilitate timely category spend analysis to identify trends and opportunities for cost optimization.

Accessible data

Take Control of Your Lab Spending

Contact us to get an overview of our real-time spend analytics dashboard and how it can help you save time and money to reinvest into what matters most: research.