Process automation

Automate and Simplify Your Existing Workflows with ZAGENO

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Save Time and Reduce Ordering Costs with the Leading All-in-One Lab Supply Marketplace

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User-Friendly Approval Flows
Using our intuitive interfaces and customizable thresholds, automate purchase order creation and cost center setup, reduce approval bottlenecks, and ensure compliance with procurement policies.
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Leave the Supplier Management to Us
Reduce supplier addition from weeks to hours with automated supplier onboarding. Order from our extensive network of over 5,300 pre-vetted, onboarded suppliers, or our customer service team can add a new supplier within hours.
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Consolidated Order Tracking and Management
Access one hub for lab supply spend, including all catalog and non-catalog orders. Enjoy seamless end-to-end purchasing with self-service order tracking, quote management, automated delivery notifications, and dedicated customer support.
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Automated 3-Way Matching
Guarantee accuracy while safeguarding against errors and fraud with automated 3-way-matching for financial and quality control.
optimized workflows and process automation
You’re in control

Optimized Workflows that Balance Process Automation and Control

Balance user empowerment with automation, enhanced controls, and spend visibility.

Workflow, your way

Easily configure ZAGENO’s user access, approval workflows, cost centers, and purchase limits to your preferred controls. Prevent errors and fraud with automated PO generation, purchase routing, receiving, invoice processing, and 3-way matching.

End-to-end spend management
From order initiation and authorization to procurement, requisitioning, receiving, and invoice processing, ZAGENO’s automation is customizable to R&D’s unique needs.
Automated invoicing

Simplify your accounting with ZAGENO as your single supplier of record, with consolidated invoices and single payment terms. And we integrate with your back-end software.

Achieve 100% automation
While procure-to-pay (P2P) platforms connect back-end systems, achieving complete process automation in R&D can be challenging. Jumpstart stalled automation by complementing P2P with ZAGENO access.
Supplier onboarding
Supplier addition, off your plate

Automated Supplier Onboarding and Management

ZAGENO frees you from the burden of routine supplier management with access to over 5,300 pre-vetted, onboarded suppliers. Need a non-catalog order from a new supplier? Our customer service team adds them within hours.

With ZAGENO’s white-glove customer service team, supplier addition is quick and easy. We manage everything from due diligence to payment term negotiation to onboarding.
Scientists shouldn’t be left in the dark. In case of backorders or shipping delays, scientists receive prompt, automated notifications so they can quickly adapt and make alternate plans.
ZAGENO's process automation reduces order entry, purchase order, and receiving errors, saving valuable time and resources.
ZAGENO ensures contract compliance, and has automated supplier evaluations.
Order tracking

Consolidated Order Tracking and Management

Say goodbye to the chaos of order management with ZAGENO's consolidated and automated matching, ensuring accuracy and control at every step of your order. Elevate your purchasing process with quote integration.


Single sign-on, self-service order tracking with automated delivery, backorder, and shipping delay notifications puts you in control.

ZAGENO seamlessly integrates with your existing processes, controls, accounting, ERP, and P2P systems, maximizing automation and reducing manual steps.

Easily align purchase orders, receiving reports, and supplier invoices with our automated 2-way match plus mobile receipt upload to guarantee accuracy.

Request, manage, and order against quotes from multiple suppliers, all in one place.

automation with control

Automated Lab Workflows That Fit into Your Processes

Contact us to review how ZAGENO can automate and consolidate your lab workflows, scaling with transparency and efficiency so you can focus on what matters: research.