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Streamlined Lab Supply Management for Small Teams

Offer your tenants a truly value-added experience with access to streamlined lab supply procurement from ZAGENO. Our one-stop shop simplifies lab supply management for small teams, as well as promotes cost-efficiency through access to competitive pricing and bulk purchasing advantages. ZAGENO's incubator partners enjoy reduced administrative burden, enhanced tenant benefits, and an additional source of revenue.


Stand Out in the Competitive Procurement Software Landscape

Offer your customers a streamlined procurement experience tailored to life sciences by partnering with ZAGENO. Expand your product offerings, differentiate yourself in a crowded market, and attract new biotech and pharma customers. Demonstrate innovation and commitment to meeting evolving customer needs while adding a new revenue stream with ZAGENO's incentive program.
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Expand Your Audience Reach

Enhance your member benefits with a ZAGENO partnership. Empower your community to thrive in the dynamic R&D landscape, while connecting with prospective members. Members of scientific communities partnering with ZAGENO benefit from streamlined workflows, reduced administrative burdens, and improved resource allocation, allowing them to focus more on scientific innovation and operational excellence. Join forces with ZAGENO to strengthen your community, foster knowledge sharing, and accelerate advancements in laboratory operations.

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Scale Your Business With a Fast-Growing Partner

ZAGENO is committed to helping the life sciences  accelerate research through simplified lab supply procurement, as well as providing guidance on curating collections of software platform partners that empower startups to grow and scale. If you offer a solution geared towards helping life sciences achieve breakthroughs, connect with ZAGENO to learn how we can mutually grow.

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