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Best Remote Collaboration Tools for Lab Managers

The difference between good and great lab managers in the modern age comes down to how well you utilize remote tools to communicate and collaborate with your team remotely. To ensure you are putting your best foot forward, here are the top remote collaboration tools you can use to stay connected to your team from anywhere.

Best Project Management Software for Biotech Labs in 2021

Whether you lead primarily remote, hybrid, or on-site teams, utilizing the best project management software is the key to staying on track in the new year. Here is the best project management software for lab managers in 2021.


This flexible project management software has the capacity to grow along with your needs, making it the ideal tool for a lab on the rise. With a completely customizable framework and processes, Infinity was designed to help you manage whatever innovative project your team tackles next.


This cloud-based project management software was designed with remote teams in mind. Asana provides a shared workspace for teams of all sizes to collaborate from anywhere, while assigning tasks and tracking team progress along the way.


An all-in-one collaboration and communication tool, Basecamp is the perfect project management software for high-functioning remote teams. With bonus tools like message boards, group chats, docs, and scheduling, Basecamp will keep your lab organized and connected as you tackle new projects in the new year.

Best Communication Software for Biotech Labs in 2021

For remote and hybrid lab employees, the communication software you use has the power to make or break your success as a team. To make sure you stay connected in 2021, here is the best communication software for lab managers.


A user-friendly and reliable communication tool for remote and hybrid teams of all sizes, Slack is the top choice for many thanks to its cloud-based software and usability. Used for sending direct messages to team members, contacting like-minded members of other organizations, creating social channels for team building, and getting access to easy video calling, Slack will help you stay connected in 2021.


This cloud-based video conferencing, messaging, and collaboration software is a new leader of remote team communication. Highfive allows team members to start and join meetings from any device, allowing remote and hybrid teams to communicate easily from anywhere.


More than just a messaging tool, Flock is a team communication tool designed to enhance remote team collaboration. In addition to the team messaging and video call tools, Flock also offers shared notes, polls, to-dos, and reminders to increase remote team productivity.

Best Lab Supply Management Tools in 2021

Managing lab supplies has the potential to feel like an arduous task for even the most experienced lab managers. To stay on top of your lab’s supply needs, invest in one of these top lab supply management tools in 2021.


ZAGENO is a cloud-based lab supply ordering, management, and optimization platform with additional services for lab managers and procurement teams. With expert scientists and data, like the proprietary scientific score, at your disposal to recommend product alternatives, you’ll reduce shipment delays for necessary supplies and eliminate your manual work. With the ability for multiple teams to access approval workflows, budgets, and supply history, you can collaborate right in ZAGENO.


This cloud-based electronic lab notebook was designed specifically for managing lab data and inventory. With Labguru, lab managers can not only track and manage supplies, but also design experiments and workflows, making it the choice comprehensive supply management tool for lab managers in the new year.

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