How a biotech while moving labs saved $487K using a lab supply marketplace


Key Facts

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Agricultural biotech in NC pioneering targeted protein degraders in plants

Case study icon - challenges

Moving away from Incubator | One ordering user for all lab supplies | Major supplier addition backlog

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Automate lab supply ordering with ZAGENO marketplace | Empower scientists to become ordering users | Benefit from price competition

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$407K in labor savings and $80K in cost savings in one year



The client was in the midst of major transition, moving away from a co-working location that had previously handled lab supply ordering on their behalf. Challenges included:

  • Moving away from Incubator. No more access to centralized, group purchasing or shipping and receiving support from Incubator.
  • New supplier onboarding backlog. Bringing lab supply ordering in-house meant new account set-up and onboarding all suppliers.
  • Thousands of hours wasted. Lab manager compiled all orders via spreadsheet, manually handling ordering, tracking, receiving.
  • Limited price & product comparison. Contract with Global Distributor for 70% of buy meant few pricing comparison and savings opportunities.


To successfully bring lab supply ordering inhouse while supporting growth required the services ZAGENO offers, including:

  • Unlimited users and orders
  • Full catalog with 5,300+ suppliers and 40M+ SKUs
  • Capability to search, filter, and compare alternative products
  • Unlimited approval workflows
  • Order tracking and receiving
  • Month-end reporting, by project codes and cost centers
  • Interactive analytics dashboard
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • & Quickbooks integrations
  • Customer support via chat, email, phone
  • Designated customer success manager
  • White glove customer service, including fast supplier onboarding and set-up
Client case - saving 487k by using ZAGENO lab marketplace


Within 1.5 weeks of the kick-off meeting with ZAGENO, scientists began placing their own orders for the first time, to staggering results. Within 1 year with ZAGENO:

  • $407,000 in labor savings
  • 4,800 hrs saved
  • $80,000 cost savings from product comparison
  • 70 vendors onboarded thanks to ZAGENO’s white glove service
  • Ordering users grew from 1 to 16

Lessons learned

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Growing into your own lab space is a big achievement that comes with unexpected challenges. Don’t go it alone. Work with partners who enable you to benefit for their expertise.

Empower the scientists. When you empower scientists to be part of the ordering process, everyone wins. Within weeks of kick-off, many scientists were meeting or exceeding the lab manager in volume and spend.

Do your partners support your continued development, while also saving you money, time, and labor? Get in touch with ZAGENO today and learn how to automate and streamline your lab supply ordering process.


With over 40 million product SKUs available from more than 5,000 leading brands, ZAGENO offers the largest life sciences lab supply marketplace. Our one-stop-shop solution helps scientists, lab managers, and procurement leaders compare products across vendors, easily source product alternatives, track deliveries, and communicate order status with R&D teams in real time. ZAGENO makes online shopping for any research material convenient, efficient, and reliable.