How diversifying supplier spend helped a Biotech reinvest in lab space


Key Facts

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Agricultural biotech in CT applying healthcare discoveries to farmers’ most urgent crop threats

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Disjointed ordering process | One person charged with all lab supply orders | Limited scientific choice

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Access to ZAGENO’S marketplace saved time, triggered collaboration and ownership of ordering

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Cost avoidance of $80,000, 312 hours of labor saved, and a “transformed and collaborative ordering process”



One person for all lab supply ordering. One ops manager responsible for all ordering. They were going to hire another FTE to keep up with volume.

Limited scientific choice. Scientists had to take time away from the bench to research suppliers/products when other supply options were needed.

Limited price comparison. No one had bandwidth to compare products on price, resulting in paying higher prices than needed.

Uncollaborative ordering process. Scientists were not empowered to place their own orders, increasing inefficiency and wasted time.



In order to reduce the pressure on the sole operations manager handling all of the lab supply orders and avoid adding headcount, it was necessary to automate the process and empower scientists to become ordering users.

Access to the ZAGENO lab supply marketplace was the quickest way to transform the ordering process and improve the purchasing experience for all involved stakeholders.



Within a short period of time, access to ZAGENO eliminated the need to hire an additional FTE and empowered scientists to become a part of the ordering process from end-to-end. With ZAGENO:

  • $80,000 in cost avoidance of hiring an additional FTE to manage orders and finance
  • Streamlined approval process
  • Saved 312 hours of labor annually
  • Discovery of new suppliers without hours of research
  • Consolidated billing from all vendors into one monthly invoice


With over 40 million product SKUs available from more than 5,000 leading brands, ZAGENO offers the largest life sciences lab supply marketplace. Our one-stop-shop solution helps scientists, lab managers, and procurement leaders compare products across vendors, easily source product alternatives, track deliveries, and communicate order status with R&D teams in real time. ZAGENO makes online shopping for any research material convenient, efficient, and reliable.