Future-Proof Your Lab 10 Tech Tips To Scale Your LabOps

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Joel Basken, Director of Operations, and Nicolette Surges, Lab Manager at Enveda Biosciences, share their journey of building a supportive tech stack for their scaling lab. Read this eBook to learn:

  • Pros & Cons of homegrown solutions and how they can hinder scalability.
    • How to recognize triggers telling you it’s time to level up your tech solution.
  • Proven strategies for streamlining purchasing and managing vendor relationships as your lab expands.
    • How to avoid costly mistakes when your early-stage lab starts to grow.
  • Key considerations for selecting and integrating the right software at the right time so that it scales with your lab’s needs.
    • How Enveda was able to support their growth by creating an integrated ecosystem of tech tools (lab supply marketplace, ELN, ERP, P2P, LIM).

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