6 Key Lab Supply Purchasing Pains and Solutions



Scientists spend too much time ordering and managing lab supplies. This very manual process delays time-to-milestone achievements, hikes up labor costs, and stifles innovation. These impacts contribute to increased health care costs, which, ultimately, get passed onto the consumer.

R&D labs can’t run without the proper tools to support scientific innovation. Experiments can’t be completed without the right supplies. But the reality is that the lab supply ordering process is a major source of dissatisfaction for scientists and procurement, contributing to cost overruns, delays in experiments, and headaches for all involved.

Topics covered are:

  • Overall lab supply ordering process satisfaction
  • Time spent searching, comparing, and ordering lab supplies
  • Time to add and onboard a new supplier to the procurement system and resultant impact to experiment timelines
  • Time spent communicating about order and delivery status and tracking
  • Time spent finding and procuring backorder alternatives
  • Experiment delay impacts due to backorders
  • Ideal lab supply ordering process characteristics

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