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Top 14 Biotech Incubators Startups Should Know

It takes a village to transform an innovative idea into a viable, sustainable biotech organization. Biotech incubators and accelerators can serve as such “villages,” providing essential resources, including mentorship, funding, and access to cutting-edge facilities. While startups that go it alone can succeed, those that go through an incubator or accelerator typically have higher survival rates and greater potential for long-term success. Here are 14 biotech incubators that are significantly impacting the biotech ecosystem and helping to propel startups.

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14 biotech incubators launching startup superstars

The following biotech incubators were chosen due to their distinct offerings, notable successes, and the unique advantages they provide to startups. Please note that the acceptance rates are approximate, and you should check with each incubator for current information.

1. ABI-Lab

Location: Natick, MA
Acceptance Rate: ~12%

With the credo “Move in today, start your science tomorrow,” ABI-Lab was established in 2015 to support early-stage life science and biotech companies. It offers flexible lab and office spaces, access to shared equipment, and mentorship from experienced professionals. Notable past biotech startup tenants include Paragonix Technologies and Phosphorex.


2. Alexandria LaunchLabs

Location: New York, NY, Cambridge, MA, Stanford Research Park, CA, Seattle, WA, Research Triangle, NC
Acceptance Rate: ~8%

Alexandria LaunchLabs serves as both incubator and accelerator, having supported over 50 companies since its founding in 2017 as part of Alexandria Real Estate Equities. It provides fully equipped lab and office spaces, $2 million in annual seed funding through the Alexandria Seed Capital Platform, and access to a network of experienced professionals. 


3. Bayer Co.Lab

Locations: Cambridge, MA, Berlin, Germany, Kobe, Japan, and Shanghai, China (coming soon)
Acceptance rate: ~10%

Bayer Co.Lab was founded in 2012 to support early-stage life science companies. The incubator offers lab space, access to Bayer's research expertise, and opportunities for collaboration. Their U.S. flagship site, Co.Lab Cambridge, is tailored to the needs of cell and gene therapy (C&GT) companies. Notable former tenants include companies like Calithera Biosciences and Araxes Pharma. 


4. BioCurate

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Acceptance Rate: Not available

Founded in 2016, BioCurate is an independent joint venture between Monash University and the University of Melbourne. It focuses on translating early-stage medical research into high-quality preclinical candidates, supporting biotech startups through funding and expertise. The BioCurate team has directly contributed to over 13 Investigational New Drug applications (INDs), overseen the development of 30 therapeutics currently in clinical trials, and facilitated deals worth a cumulative total of more than $2.4 billion.


5. BioLabs

Locations: Throughout the US, including Cambridge, MA and San Diego, CA, and Europe
Acceptance rate: ~10%

BioLabs is an international, membership-based network of shared lab and office facilities situated in pivotal biotech innovation hubs. Since its establishment, BioLabs has nurtured numerous startups by providing access to shared lab space, office facilities, and an extensive network of resources and experts. It has emerged as a cornerstone for biotech entrepreneurs aiming to accelerate growth, facilitating rapid scaling for over 500 life science companies that have collectively raised more than $5 billion in funding.


6. Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC)

Locations: Throughout the US, Europe, and Asia
Acceptance rate: ~15%

Since 1999, the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) has facilitated the growth of over 10,000 companies and organizations across various sectors. CIC supports biotech startups with more than 4,000 annual events, as well as provides a collaborative environment, shared workspace, and access to a global network of innovators. These resources have contributed to CIC clients going on to raise over $17 billion in funding.


7. Harvard Innovation Labs (i-Lab)

Location: Boston, MA
Acceptance Rate: ~12%

i-Lab provides a collaborative workspace for students, alumni, and faculty interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. The Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab, an extension of i-Lab, specializes in biotech and life sciences. Since its founding in 2011, i-Lab has supported 5,000 startups, offering access to mentorship, resources, and a vibrant entrepreneurial community, making it an essential incubator for Harvard-affiliated biotech ventures. 


8. IndieBio

Locations: San Francisco, CA, New York City, NY
Acceptance Rate: ~4%

Launched in 2014, IndieBio operates as both an accelerator and incubator. As an accelerator, IndieBio provides startups with intensive mentoring, funding, and support over a relatively short period (typically 4-6 months). During this time, startups refine their business models, develop their products, and prepare to attract further investment. As an incubator, IndieBio also offers longer-term support, including access to lab space, equipment, and ongoing guidance beyond the initial accelerator program. This dual approach helps IndieBio support biotech startups from early-stage concepts to market-ready products.


9. JLABS by Johnson & Johnson Innovation

Locations: US, Europe, and Asia Pacific
Acceptance Rate: ~10%

JLABS, founded in 2012, is a global network of open innovation ecosystems, offering state-of-the-art lab space, equipment, and access to a vast network of experts and corporate partners. Notable former tenants include Alector and Arcturus Therapeutics, making JLABS a premier choice for founders looking to leverage the resources of a major healthcare company.


10. LabCentral

Location: Cambridge, MA
Acceptance Rate: ~7%

LabCentral was founded in 2013 and has fostered the growth of 278 companies, resulting in $18.4 billion in funding, 132 clinical trials, and 180 new patents. It provides fully permitted laboratory and office space to startups. Companies like Moderna and Relay Therapeutics have utilized LabCentral's resources to advance their groundbreaking work. 


11. MBC BioLabs

Locations: San Francisco and San Carlos, CA
Acceptance Rate: ~8%

MBC BioLabs helps life science startups accelerate their research and development by providing turnkey lab spaces, access to cutting-edge equipment, and fostering a supportive community of biotech entrepreneurs. Since 2013, its incubator has helped launch and grow over 300 companies, and, together, MBC companies have initiated 153 clinical trials, introduced 71 products to market, and raised nearly $14 billion. Companies like Unity Biotechnology and Achaogen have benefited from MBC BioLabs’ resources.


12. Nest.Bio Labs

Location: Cambridge, MA
Acceptance Rate: ~15%

Founded in 2018, Nest.Bio Labs offers flexible, state-of-the-art lab spaces, access to shared equipment, mentorship, and a collaborative environment. Together, its 36 residents and graduates, including companies like Synlogic and Strand Therapeutics, have raised over $7 billion in funding.


13. StartX Med

Location: Stanford Research Park, CA
Acceptance Rate: ~9%

StartX Med is a non-profit organization offering a medical and biotech track for startups. Founded in 2012, it provides mentorship, office space, and access to a community of successful entrepreneurs and investors. Over 135 medical companies have gone through StartX Med, raising over $920M+ in cumulative funding across all medical fields. All top 10 global pharmaceutical companies are paying customers of StartX Med portfolio companies.


14. QB3 Garage@UCSF

Location: San Francisco, CA
Acceptance Rate: ~8%

QB3 Garage@UCSF, part of the California Institute for Quantitative Bioscience offers startups access to lab space, equipment, and professional services aimed at moving from the research phase to commercialization. Established as a joint effort between UCSF, UC Berkeley, and UC Santa Cruz, QB3 has supported numerous biotech, pharma, medical devices, and health technology startups.

These are just some of the many biotech incubators available to help you transform your idea into a living, breathing company. Once you find the incubator that’s right for you, we invite you to read: How Startups Can Maximize the Biotech Incubator Experience.

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