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How to plan your experiments from home and maximize your productivity in the lab

As we adapt to the ever-evolving situation of COVD-19, we are finding new ways to complete our day-to-day work tasks. One change we’ve seen is that scientists are spending more time working from home, and scheduling time to enter the lab, when necessary, to run experiments. This will likely persist even as offices and research labs reopen to a fuller extent over the coming months. Regardless of what new schedules in the lab may look like, ordering supplies ahead of time, in order to make the most out of time in the lab, is more crucial than ever.

To help make the most from your time in the lab and to maximize productivity, we’re committed to empowering you with the information and tools needed to focus on running more successful experiments in the limited time you have in the lab. In this article, we will share ways you can leverage ZAGENO at home and prepare for your upcoming experiments.

Research and compare lab supplies needed for desired experiments

Once you have designed your experiment, by conducting a literature review on your target of interest, use the ZAGENO platform to research, compare, and discover the best reagents, antibodies, or other supplies to use for your experiment. This is especially critical when you need to identify the right products for a given experiment.

With over 19 million lab SKUs available from 3,500+ suppliers, ZAGENO is the life science industry's largest lab supply marketplace. Unlike other solutions, which are accessible only in the lab, you can browse the ZAGENO marketplace from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Our simple search allows you to find products by keyword, catalog ID, CAS number or product name.

Once on the search results page, you can filter products by category, brand or supplier. Selecting a category will provide you with more filter options that are specific for the selected product group. This will allow you to refine your results according to your needs.

You can also use the filter panel on the left to narrow your search results according to parameters like brand or supplier.

Each product has its own details page, with transparent information on pricing across various suppliers, scientific specifications including protocols and publications, where applicable, and high-quality images to better aid your product discovery process.

Use our "Compare" function on the search results or product details page to review and compare products you’ve saved to that point. Utilizing comparisons between similar products during the discovery phase yields optimizations in both product costs and product quality.

Create your lab supply list and share it with colleagues

Add your products to a new or existing list in your ZAGENO account. You can build a list for each experiment you’re designing so you can save time by easily accessing these products when it comes time to reorder or place new orders.

Lists can be private or made available to your whole organization, and can be shared with individual colleagues, as well. With this option, you can share your list with your lab manager or team leader so they can approve or place the order from their own home.

Order your lab supplies and track shipping status remotely

Once you have found a product you need for your experiment, click “View and Buy” from the search results page to open the product details pages. Here, you can select the correct variant and the desired quantity. Click on “Add to Cart” to put the item in your shopping basket and proceed to checkout.

You can view the status or track your orders in the “My Orders” section of your account. You may also set your preference to how often you would like to be updated about your order.

Plan your experiment schedule

With visibility into when your reagents, antibodies, or lab supplies will arrive, you can create a schedule for your experiment and maximize your time when arriving in the lab. ZAGENO's real-time tracking updates allow you to see the latest status of your order, whether you’re at home or in transit to work. You will know with 100% confidence when you go into the lab, you will have what you need to work on that specific experiment.

As you head back to your lab, be sure to check with your lab manager for new safety precautions, guidelines and procedures you should follow. Also, see the  CDC Interim Guidance for Laboratories for additional information.

We hope this article gives you a better understanding of how to leverage ZAGENO to help you plan your experiments remotely so you can be more productive with your time in the lab.

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