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ZAGENO Revved Up: Search Smarter, Order Easier, Accelerate Research!

Attention lab supply shoppers! Big news: ZAGENO’s lab supply marketplace got a face-lift. On Nov 18, ZAGENO launched its latest update, featuring significant changes to simplify and make it easier to buy than ever.

Here are the significant changes you’ll encounter as a user of the platform:

1. HOMEPAGE: Enjoy a streamlined homepage. With this new layout, you can access relevant deals, brands, and products much faster and easily from the homepage. You'll see a simplified interface with applicable promotions and highlighted brands. These updates will save you time and effort.


Screenshot of ZAGENO Marketplace homepage


2. SEARCH: The simplified search bar is another feature that will speed up your procurement process. It displays enriched and more relevant results, such as product details and specifications, allowing you to search more confidently. Additionally, enriched search results pages featuring easy-to-navigate product hierarchy and multi-select filters make it easier to refine your search results according to your specific needs. These upgrades help you cut down on time spent scrolling through pages of results, allowing you to select the best products more efficiently.

Screenshot of ZAGENO Marketplace features


3.PRODUCT PAGES: You’ll also encounter upgraded product and vendor selections. The new product detail pages offer a cleaner design and cleaner supplier choice, making it easier to assess your options and pick the right supplier for your needs.

Screenshot of a ZAGENO Marketplace product page


These new changes are an investment in our mission to provide the most comprehensive and efficient lab supply marketplace for life science and research supplies. We can't wait for you to explore the improved ZAGENO shopping experience.

Happy shopping!

PS: Schedule a free lab assessment if your company is not currently using the ZAGENO lab supply marketplace but could benefit from it.

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