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Everything You Need to Do for Lab Relocation

Pulling off a seamless lab relocation is essential to getting your biotech lab up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. Many labs contain sensitive equipment and hazardous materials, moving these materials has the opportunity to be a difficult procedure if you aren’t adequately prepared. To ensure your move is safe and secure, with minimal time lost during the lab relocation process, follow this step by step checklist for before, during, and after the lab move.

Before the Lab Move

To best be prepared for the relocation itself, there are a few steps that need to be taken before the moving trucks pull in:


First, take careful inventory of all lab supplies, materials, and equipment that will be handled during the relocation. Taking meticulous inventory is not only an essential part of the moving process, but will set you up for success when it is time to get your new lab up and running.  An accurate inventory list will allow you to keep track of your supplies before you move them, but will also give you a holistic view of what supplies need to be ordered for your new lab and allow you to track supply ordering trends and order restocks efficiently.


There is a good chance that some of your ongoing research will be paused during your lab move. To not lose more time than necessary and to set your new lab up for immediate success, be sure to document your existing research so your scientists can restart their ongoing projects once the new lab has finished being set up. Consider cloud-based software so you can track progress virtually during the transition.


To ensure a safe lab relocation, take particular care to research any additional moving protocols your supplies or materials may need. Certain lab supplies such as hazardous materials, live subjects, and chemical waste must be handled safely and with the necessary containers, protective equipment, temperatures, and other considerations.. If you are unsure what the regulations are for moving your research or what permits you will need to move your materials, consult your local authorities.


The last step to complete before you are ready to relocate your lab is to notify all necessary personnel of the new location. This includes communicating your new location to all suppliers and staff to ensure a smooth transition back to work in your new location.

During the Lab Move

On the day of your lab relocation there is one simple, all-encompassing step:


Now that you have done inventory of all your supplies, it is time for the move itself. On move day your primary responsibility is to oversee the transportation of materials and be on hand to make sure that all lab supplies and equipment have been appropriately handled.

After the Lab Move

Now that your lab has successfully been relocated, it is time to set yourself up for future success by following these remaining steps:


Once you have finished your move and are finalizing your lab relocation, the first step in your new lab is to do inventory (again!). Think of this stage of the relocation as an extension of your first round of inventory. While the first round was necessary to set your move up for success, this second round of inventory is done to ensure all the necessary and expected equipment, supplies, and materials have safely reached their new destination and are functioning properly. To most efficiently do this round of inventory, use your initial inventory sheet as a checklist and resource.


While you are doing your post-move lab inventory, use this time to also confirm the safe arrival of all lab items and equipment. If you don’t utilize a professional laboratory moving service for your relocation you run the risk of having your lab materials be mishandled or lost. This is also a great opportunity to get equipment up and running and get experiments back online as soon as possible.

Relocating your lab is no small feat. It not only requires you to pause your research, but can be an expensive endeavor as well. Many generic moving companies have no previous experience handling and moving lab equipment, which can lead to lost or mishandled supplies and materials. When you use a professional lab relocation service, you are putting your lab in the hands of seasoned professionals who will work alongside you to design, pack, and relocate your lab seamlessly, empowering you to focus on the research.

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