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Inside Look: Lab Supply Marketplace Purchasing Experience for Integrated Customers

Over the years, ZAGENO has had the privilege of helping hundreds of biotech and pharma companies to streamline their lab supply ordering using our marketplace. As labs grow, so does the complexity of their software integrations, evolving from basic Excel and email systems to encompass procure-to-pay (P2P), ERP, and accounting platforms. In this dynamic environment, scientists, finance, and procurement seek simplicity and efficiency, so additional solutions must seamlessly integrate with existing and future platforms. Read on for an inside look at how lab supply marketplaces like ZAGENO fill this need, enhancing efficiency and automation while preserving the lab's existing financial controls and preferences.

The ZAGENO Customer Experience for Integrated Purchasing Customers

Please note: The example that follows is for demonstration purposes only, and the ZAGENO experience can be customized according to the customer’s needs and existing platform integrations. 

ZAGENO - ZanabMeet Zanab, a scientist at a mid-stage biotech. Zanab’s organization uses a leading P2P platform, integrated with a leading ERP.

One Central Login for Lab Supply Ordering to Receiving

Zanab logs into her P2P platform using her regular login to purchase supplies for her experiment. From the list of PunchOut catalogs available to her, she clicks on ZAGENO to access over 40 million different SKUs from over 5,300 global brands.

ZAGENO - screen1


Intuitive AI-Driven Search and Comparison

Still logged into the P2P platform, Zanab is punched out to the ZAGENO catalog. She can now search for her products using ZAGENO’s intuitive, AI-driven search capabilities without leaving her P2P platform.

ZAGENO - Screen2


Multi-Supplier Cart Building

After comparing products based on detailed product specs, price, and availability information, Zanab selects the product she wants to purchase and adds it to her cart. She can keep adding products to her cart from an unlimited number of suppliers, using ZAGENO’s multi-supplier cart functionality.

ZAGENO - Screen2


Seamless PunchOut Back to P2P Platform

Zanab finishes building her cart and clicks the “Checkout” button. She is now punched out of ZAGENO, and her cart data is pulled back into the P2P platform.

ZAGENO - Screen4


Finalizing the Purchase Requisition

Back in the P2P system, Zanab reviews her order details by clicking “Review Cart” or “Proceed to Checkout.”

ZAGENO - Screen5

Zanab now provides additional vital information necessary to complete her purchase requisition, such as the Company code, Deliver to address and Need-by date.

ZAGENO - Screen6


Cost Classification Accuracy, Line by Line

Zanab drills down into each line item in her cart to ensure proper project cost assignment.

ZAGENO - Screen7

Each line item can be assigned to a specific cost center, general ledger account, commodity code (according to USNSBC), and material group.

ZAGENO - Screen8


New Feature: Shipping by Line Item

Zanab can designate the shipping address, either by line item or for the entire order. For example, if she is ordering three different products, she can select whether each product gets delivered to a different shipping address or whether the entire order is sent to one location.

ZAGENO - Screen9


Purchase Requisition Approval Routing, with Custom Approval Flows

Zanab is now ready to submit her purchase requisition for approval.

ZAGENO - Screen10

Once submitted, the purchase requisition will route through the company’s custom approval flows, which Zanab can monitor.

ZAGENO - Screen11


Automated Purchase Order Creation

After the purchase requisition is approved by the necessary people, a purchase order is automatically generated and a purchase order number is assigned. The purchase order is sent via P2P to ZAGENO, which launches the order fulfillment process. Zanab can monitor the status of her order via both her P2P platform and automated order and delivery tracking emails. If she has any questions or needs assistance with the PO, she can contact ZAGENO’s top-rated customer service team, 24/7.

ZAGENO - Screen12


Pain-free Lab Supply Ordering Awaits

The ZAGENO lab supply marketplace was tailor-made to accelerate research by making the ordering process as easy as possible. Each feature, starting with seamless integration, is geared towards maximizing research potential and reducing administrative burden. Contact ZAGENO today and learn how ZAGENO can eliminate lab management challenges, no matter how many software platforms you are juggling.

ZAGENO - logos

ZAGENO integrates with all major:

  • P2P platforms, including SAP Ariba, Coupa, Jaggaer, Tungsten Network, Oracle Business Network, Procurify, Accrualify, and Point Purchasing
  • ERP platforms, including SAP ERP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Oracle NetSuite
  • Accounting platforms, including Intuit Quickbooks, Sage Intacct, Xero, Oracle NetSuite
  • And more to come

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